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Stories in pictures. Edward von Steinle and Leopold Bode
22 November 2018 until 10 March 2019

Sammlung Schack

One of the most charming but little-known aspects of 19th century German art are the series of narrative paintings created by such late-Romantic painters as Moritz von Schwind, Edward von Steinle and Leopold Bode with subjects from saga, myth and literature. Today’s museum-goers may have heard of Schwind, but Steinle and Bode have been all but forgotten. Mediaeval legends, the comedies of Shakespeare, Schiller’s ballads and Brentano’s fairy tales all provided material for carefully composed and highly detailed cycles of paintings; precious collectors’ pieces in oil on canvas, gouache or watercolour, displayed in highly ornate frames. Drawing mainly from the paintings of the collector Adolf Friedrich von Schack but greatly enriched by loans from museums and private collections, the exhibition presents around thirty individual paintings and painting cycles by Steinle and Bode.

fig.: Leopold Bode, Pippin und Bertha (Die Sage von der Geburt und Kindheit Kaiser Karls des Großen), 1876 / Pippin and Bertha (The Legend of the Birth and Childhood of the Emperor Charlemagne), 1876 © Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Sammlung Schack, Munich


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