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Quirky Art Nouveau. Carl Strathmann
March 15 until September 22, 2019

Münchner Stadtmuseum

The highly original and fabulously bizarre art of Carl Strathmann (1866-1939) resists any kind of pigeonholing. This Art Nouveau painter, who boasted an ornate style and a fastidious obsession with detail, lovingly fashioned his own unique worlds from fairy-tale caricature figures, fantastical floral still lifes and landscapes, symbolist history paintings and art-and-craft designs. Strathmann, with an imagery that jumps off the canvas and gregarious, dandyish personality, became a well-known figure among his contemporaries, and boasted a reputation that extended far beyond Munich. Lovis Corinth and Wassily Kandinsky were great admirers of his art. Strathmann frequently features prominently in literature on German symbolism and Art Nouveau, and yet he is scarcely known by the modern public.

One aim of this major exhibition of some 150 works, mostly from the Münchner Stadtmuseum’s collection, is to address this major oversight. The Münchner Stadtmuseum is home to Strathmann’s entire artistic estate, and every aspect of his œuvre. Many of these works, which have been largely overlooked by art historians until now, have never heretofore been published or put on public display. The collection even includes several (major) works that had widely been thought to have been lost or destroyed. Some works are currently being restored specifically for this exhibition and will now be on show for the first time since the artist’s death.

Fig.: Carl Strathmann, Vier schwarze Katzen, um 1896, Aquarell und Tusche © Münchner Stadtmuseum.


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