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The Technische Hochschule München under National Socialism
18 May until 26 August 2018

NS Dokumentationszentrum

The new special exhibition of the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism is dedicated to the history of MunichTechnical University during
the Nazi era.
To pursue its totalitarian goals, the Nazi state required not only military and industrial resources but also scientific research. In the Third Reich, scientific and technological disciplines and the technical universities were therefore an essential component and an important pillar of the Nazi regime. In the course of the war the various sections of the Wehrmacht set up and financed major research complexes as well as institutes and research facilities. The universities received numerous ‘war contracts’ and were transformed into ‘war operations’.
Munich Technical University (at the time Technische Hochschule, today Technische Uni­ver­sität) must therefore be viewed in this context. Of the ten technical universities in the German Reich, Munich was second after Berlin in terms of student numbers. As such, it was heavily involved in research contracts for the Wehrmacht and in 1943 it was named a ‘model war operation’.
The exhibition has been realised jointly with Munich Technical University (TUM). Using a wealth of previously unknown image and archive material, it documents the personnel, ideological and institutional changes and the instrumentalisation of the university for the purpose of preparing for and waging war. The ouster of seventeen Jewish and politically undesirable university lecturers and the removal of (their) doctoral titles is one theme of the exhibition. Another is how some professors accommodated themselves to the Nazi regime and mobilised themselves. The central focus is the ideologisation and militarisation of
the entire university and the fate of teaching and research in the individual faculties. The exhibition concludes by looking at the phase of de-Nazification and the university’s approach to its Nazi past after 1945. 

fig.: © NS Dokumentationszentrum.


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