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FORUM 046: Claudius Schulze – State of Nature
22. Juni bis 16. September 2018

Münchner Stadtmuseum

"State of Nature" by Claudius Schulze spotlights the impact of measures to protect against natural disasters on the appearance of Europe’s landscape. The artist traveled some 50,000 km, crisscrossing the entire continent with his large format-camera to photograph what is ostensibly picturesque scenery from the top of a cherry picker truck. The photographs were taken on the North Sea and Atlantic coasts, in the Alps, Pyrenees and Central German Uplands, and along some of Europe’s major rivers. At first glance, the landscapes seem almost idyllic. But humans have altered the natural environment on a massive scale to protect themselves against natural disasters – they have built structures and harnessed technology to tame the force of storms, avalanches and floods. Schulze’s photo series explores the "state of nature" in the Anthropocene epoch, when humankind has itself become a force of nature through the impact of its actions on the climate and biosphere.

fig.: Claudius Schulze, Sylvensteinspeicher (from the series "State of Nature"), 2014 © Claudius Schulze. 


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