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Between the Studio and the Pitch
February 27, 2019 until January 6, 2020
FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

Extraordinary from the very first second - that's FC Bayern Munich. On February 27, 1900, 17 clever minds, both artistic and creative christened today's football record champions in the heart of Munich. Some were painters, sculptors or photographers who were part of the then world-famous Schwabing artistic and cultural life. What united them all was their love of football. The special exhibition "Between the Studio and the Pitch" takes visitors back to the founding years of FC Bayern - a time of social upheaval on and off the football pitch. The exhibition was opened to coincide with the club's 119th birthday.
Smaller fans will also get value for money with their very own area. They can experiment with colours and shapes, in both digital and traditional ways. A frottage station with a classic lead pencil invites you to create just as much as a digital touch screen does. On 24 March, a family Sunday will take place together with the "Kinderkunsthaus" ["Children's Art House"]. The cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts was also transferred to modern times. As part of a joint project, works by selected students will be shown as a contribution to the special exhibition in autumn 2019.

Fig.: FC Bayern München AG.


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