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Museums in Munich – Apps for mobile devices

Munich's cultural scene offers many applications and audio guides for mobile phones and tablets in English language.

BMW Museum: The BMW Museum App - Your Personal Museum Guide

From February 2016, smartphone and tablet users will be able to whet their appetites for a visit to the Museum with the new BMW Museum app. The app allows them to find out more about the highlights of the company’s history and its products – before experiencing it all in person in engaging, interactive style when they step through the door. The app will accompany their exploration of the exhibition spaces (in whatever order they choose) and provide in-depth commentaries covering the Museum’s various areas and individual exhibits. And it has the additional appeal of communicating this information in the form of audio recordings and written texts in several different languages.

All the content on the BMW Museum app is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. From March 2016 information will be added on exhibits in the temporary exhibitions.

The App is available at Google Play Store or iTunes Store!

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München: Sites in mind

As a place of learning the Documentation Centre would also like to encourage people outside its doors to engage with Munich’s Nazi past. For this purpose a GPS-based Smartphone app has been developed that directs users’ attention to the city itself and the surrounding area. A map of the city allows users to localise 120 locations that have a direct connection with National Socialism. Users can access historical images and source material, some of it in audio or video sequences, to find out more about the history of the respective location. There are also suggestions for tours of the city following the traces of Nazi history.

The App is available at Google Play Store or iTunes Store!

Staatliche Antikensammlungen: Experience Ancient Masterpieces in a New Light

Experience Greeks, Etruscans and Romans first hand in the Collections of Antiquities on Königsplatz. Works of art made of ceramic, metal and stone allow visitors to immerse themselves in the ancient world. Masterpieces of pottery, small-scale sculpture in bronze or terracotta, gold work and lapidary work but also glass blowing are presented here. The time scale begins with the Cycladic Culture of the Aegean region in the 3rd century BC and leads up into the Late Antiquity in the 5th century AD.

This Mediaguide offers you three different guided tours to experience one of the most important collections of Greek and Roman art in the world:

Highlights: A selection of 16 highlights; duration approx. 60 minutes.
For Connoisseurs: 104 works for independent selection; total duration of the Audio visuals approx. 330 minutes.
Ceramic art: Tour on Greek vase painting from the Geometric to the Classical period; duration approx. 70 minutes. 

The App is available at iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

Glyptothek: Experience Ancient Masterpieces in a New Light

The Glyptothek is one of the most important antiquities museums in the world. The finest examples of Greek and Roman statuary art are presented here in a setting that could hardly be more appropriate: the architecture of the vaulted museum halls, with their unadorned brick walls, is inspired by the design of Roman baths. The antique sculptures stand freely in the rooms, and large floor-to-ceiling windows open onto the building’s inner courtyard, providing natural light. The marble sculptures can therefore be experienced in an atmosphere resembling that of their original locations in temples or marketplaces in the cities of antiquity.

This Mediaguide offers you three different guided tours to experience one of the most important collections of Greek and Roman art in the world:

Highlights: A selection of 13 highlights from the collection; duration approx. 70 minutes.
For Connoisseurs: Information on 90 works for independent selection; total duration of the audio-visuals approx. 270 minutes.
The Greek idea of man: Tour on the development of Greek sculpture from the 6th to the 1st century BC; duration approx. 60 minutes.

The App is available at iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

Nymphenburg Palace Park: Strolling through the Park

The app is your companion to discover this historical park in Munich. This app includes historical information about 23 selected stations, audio documents, pictures and films about Nymphenburg Palace Park. All the texts in the app are also available in audio form.

Three tours are suggested. They are GPS-based, so that when the GPS is activated your location is shown by a red dot on the map. When you are approaching one of the stations you’ll hear a signal tone and can call up information about the station. You can of course also explore the palace park without following one of the tours.

The App is available at Google Play Store or iTunes Store.

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