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Deutsches Museum. Masterpieces of Science and Technology

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Since it was established more than hundred years ago, the Deutsches Museum has become one of the world's largest and most renowened museums of science and technology. The vision of the founder, Oskar von Miller has blossomed into one of the leading collections of its kind and a highly innovative centre of education. The masterpieces assembled here generate excitement while challenging our minds. The Deutsches Museum sees itself as place that fosters active learning, where you can quench your thirst for knowledge by hearing, seeing, touching, experimenting and experiencing.
In addition to the classical scientific disciplines and technological fields, the museum has a number of very different display areas: In the mine, you can explore the underground world of mineral extraction. The oceanography section gives insights into life below the water surface. Lightning bolts flash during the high voltage demonstration. The planetarium will take you to far-off galaxies. The Centre of New Technologies lets visitors explore nano-worlds and gives them the opportunity to analyse their own DNA and look over the shoulders of researchers at work on their project.

Oskar von Miller - one of the most famous electrical engineers of his time – is the founder of this special museum. On his initiative, the foundation of a Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology was announced during the annual conference of the Association of German Engineers in 1903. The first provisional exhibitions openend in 1906 in the Altes Nationalmuseum and in 1909 in the former Schwere Reiter barracks. The First World War and the ensuing hyperinflation delayed the opening of the museum until 1925. However, it was then inaugurated in a big celebration including a large parade through Munich. Despite bombing damage during World War II, the museum was re-opened in October, 1947. Since the 1990s the museum has utilized opportunities to develop branch museums. In 1992 the Flugwerft Schleissheim was opened to the north of Munich, followed three years later by the Deutsches Museum Bonn, and in 2003 by the Verkehrszentrum in Munich.

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