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Das Kartoffelmuseum. Potato Museum



Outer view of the museum

‘The Omnipresent King’: Frederick II, the Prussian King, inspecting a field of potatoes

Declaration of love to the potato, Jörg Immendorff, Self-portrait, 1995

The themes adopted in the various rooms of the museum are as colourful and surprising as the varieties of potatoes

The Potato Dumpling Song, the potato is also rendered musically – from Willibald Gluck to Jan Delay

Marilyn Monroe: the world-famous star advertising Idaho potatoes

Peeling Potatoes: A daily duty – in the 19th century there was no convenience food!

A staple of all domestic cooking, hardly any foodstuff is as versatile as the potato



Grafinger Straße 2
81671 München


Gallery Hours

derzeit wegen Umzug geschlossen. Alternativen (Rucksackmuseum, Kartoffel- und Kunstspaziergänge) n. Vereinb.
fully accessible

We have here the only art museum in the world dedicated to the theme “potato”.  Using art history and cultural-historical findings one can learn about the history and career of this important food item starting with the Inca period and to the present.  Oil paintings and water colors join the engravings, drawings, lithographs, and prints leading to modern graphic and naïve painted glass windows.  Everything depicting potatoes or their manufacturing applications is represented here.  A fabulous gem is the extensive collection of paintings with works by Max Pechstein among others.  The pre-Columbian ceremonial vessels dating to 200 A.D., potato ghosts from the Inca period along with other rarities and curios invite you to be amazed.

The museum was opened in 1996 be the Otto Eckart Foundation and added the Pfanni-Museum in 2006.  This new section explains the history of the well-know Pfanni products from 1949 to 1999.
The Pfanni Company introduced Germany's first packaged potato products to the market. The comprehensive book collection of the Otto Eckart Foundation comprehensively documents the career of the potato. The museum opens its large library for research purposes by appointment.

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