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Residenz München. Former residence of the Wittelsbach family

Residence viewed from the Max-Joseph-Platz

Ancestral Gallery


Residence viewed from the court garden


Room of four seasons

Ornate Rooms

Treasury - crown oft the Bavarian Empire



Residenzstraße 1
80333 München


Gallery Hours

April – 16. Okt.: tägl. 9.00–18.00, 17. Okt. – März: tägl. 10.00–17.00 Da die Öffnungszeiten jährlich variieren können, informieren Sie sich bitte auf der Webseite
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The Residence of the Wittelsbacher family has been accessible to the public as a museum since 1920. Today it ranks with the most important castle museums in Europe. While walking through the rooms, the festive halls, and court chapels of the Bavarian rulers the visitor experiences the unique historical furniture ensembles of various periods. These ornate facilities deliver an impression of the living design and noble presentation intentions of earlier times. Most noteworthy is the Antiquarium which is recognized as the largest and most elaborate Renaissance Hall north of the Alps. In addition to the porcelain and silver collections gathered by the Wittelsbacher family over the centuries, the visitor discovers paintings and miniatures with extraordinary individual art works from every genre. The extensive art treasures of the Residence include ancient sculptures, bronze statues of the 16th through 19th centuries, priceless tapestries, and vast holdings of valuable furniture and clocks, candle holders and lustres.

The Munich Residence was the living space and ruling seat for the Bavarian dukes, electors, and kings from 1508 to 1918. Over the centuries the princes transformed the fortress in the northeast corner of the city fortifications (“Neuveste”, 1385) into a gorgeous palace with courtyards and gardens extending into the heart of the city. The splendid rooms and art collections from the Renaissance, early Baroque, Rococo, and Classicism attest to the artistic taste and political pretensions of the House Wittelsbach.
After the severe damage during World War II, the Residence was rebuilt starting in 1945. The rescued art inventory was returned to its original spot as far as possible. Today the Residence comprises one of the largest museum centers in Bavaria. These representatives of the Bavarian Castle Administration (Residence Museum, Treasure Chamber, Cuvilliés Theatre, All Saints Court Chapel) complement the other cultural institutions. Due to renovation projects in the royal palace, the Appartements, the Collection of European Porcelain, the Halls of the Nibelungen and the exhibit "Destruction and Re-Construction" cannot be viewed at this time.

29.07.20 10:00
Residenz München – Residenzmuseum

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In vier Museen machen wir uns auf die Suche nach besonderen Speisen, kostbarem Geschirr oder festlich gedeckten Tafeln, lassen uns inspirieren zu Stillleben und Tischaufsätzen, machen gemeinsam Picknick und stellen schon mal Oktoberfestherzen her.

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Residenz München

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