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Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Bavarian State Library

The front of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Thai poetry: Kinnari, mythical bird-like creatures

Pieter vander Aa: Bird-watching map of the city of residence of Munich, according to Matthäus Merian's map of 1644

Great staircase of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Cipriano de Rore: First page of the state motet for six voices "Mirabar solito laetas"

Ludo, cinq lithographies originales de Keith Haring



Ludwigstr. 16
80539 München

089 / 28638 2980

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Bibliothek: Mo.-So. 8.00-24.00 Ausstellung: So.–Fr. 11.00 – 18.00
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The remarkable variety of holdings make the Bavarian State Library a treasure chest of cultural inheritance.  On site are the manuscripts, paintings, maps, Orientalia, Asiatica, etc. In addition, its multi-media web services for the sciences on the national and international level make it one of the first addresses used by researchers, students, and others seeking information.
The library enjoys its world-class reputation earned through centuries of collecting the most important European general works as well as international research material.  The free state of Bavaria uses the site as a central government and archival library.  The collection of more than 10 million volumes, 63,000 current periodicals in printed and electronic form, and approximately 130,000 manuscripts contribute to its status as one of the most important knowledge centers of the world.  Priceless manuscripts, rare prints, and comprehensive special collections from a millenium of cultural wealth distinguish this unique depository.  The continually changing exhibitions and numerous events at the Bavarian National Library provide insight into the world of books and literature.

Duke Albrecht V established the court library of the Wittelsbach family in 1558.  The Bavarian State Library quickly acquired extensive holdings from this base.  The Bavarian “Obligatory Copy” law of 1663 assisted the endeavor by requiring that one copy of every publication be stored in the library.  The secularization of the monasteries and consolidation of the religious principalities in Bavaria at the beginning of the 19th century brought an enormous wealth to the State Library – 450,000 volumes and 18,600 manuscripts.  Another substantial contribution came from the court library of Elector Karl Theodor of the Palatinate (Kurpfalz).  During 1803/1804 100,000 volumes were transported from Mannheim to Munich.  In 1832 King Ludwig I commissioned Friedrich Gärtner with the new site for the State Library on Ludwig Street.  Completed in 1843, the institution set new standards for library use and maintenance of a rapidly growing library collection.  By continually purchasing valuable manuscripts, prints, maps, and musicalia to enhance its holdings, the library attracted more academic attention.  The variety of acquisitions ranging through the arts and sciences have produced an incomparable collection guaranteeing a reputation among the greatest libraries in Europe.

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
München. Schau her! Fotoausstellung
06.03.2020 - 21.06.2020

„München. Schau her!“ stellt zum ersten Mal die umfangreichen Fotoarchive der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek vor. Die Sammlung umfasst derzeit mehr als 17 Millionen Bilder und hat eine überregionale Ausrichtung. In vielen Archiven spiegelt sich gleichzeitig die zentrale Rolle der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt als Fotomotiv und Ort der Fotografie wider. Die in München angefertigten Fotos stehen daher im Mittelpunkt der Ausstellung. Die Ausstellung ist in sechs Module gegliedert: - Frühe Fotografie 1839 bis 1914 - Von München in die Berge - München 1914 bis 1945 - Kriegszerstörung und Wiederaufbau - Kultur, Kultur, Kultur - Zwischen Brauchtum und Fortschritt Tauchen Sie ein in die Fotoarchive der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek und begeben Sie sich auf eine spannende Zeitreise. München von der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts bis in die 1970er Jahre – in Fotografien festgehalten.

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